University of KwaZulu-Natal UK Trust

The University of KwaZulu-Natal UK Trust is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and was established in 1990 under the leadership of the late Margaret Thomas. She believed in the great potential of students who, despite desperate circumstances of poverty, could rise above their situation given the chance of a university education. From her efforts in organising car boot sales and other events, she inspired alumni to donate money with the result that one student was supported in the first year. With each passing year, on average, one student has been added to the list with over 150 students assisted eighteen years later. 

The momentum and sincere desire by the UK alumni to do something for young South Africans at the University encouraged giving which is the backbone of the Trust's finances.  Advantage is taken of the gift-aid tax relief that exists and from time to time, events are held to raise money. Most appeals though, come with the bi-annual newsletter circulated to the database appealing for £10 only. Standing orders and bequests have also made a significant difference and patrons are sincerely thanked for their continued loyalty. 

Since Margaret Thomas's death in 2006, a scholarship in her name has been established and the ethos of personal contact by the committee with students remains a priority in how we approach funding. The Trust works closely with the University and the committee meets regularly in London to monitor finances and student contact.  It also arranges joint events with the Alumnus Association from time to time.

The Trustees are always interested to hear from alumni and those who wish to give of their time too.

The Trustees are:

Roger Smith 

Committee Members:
Richard Cooper
Jim Corrigall
Tess Marsh
Atholl Swainston-Harrison
Penny Holmes(nee Human)
Lorna Nimmo(nee Dent)

All enquiries can be directed to:
Mr Roger Smith
University of KwaZulu-Natal UK Trust
Flat G
317 Leigham Court Rd
SW16 2RX


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