Strengthening Alumni Relations through Workshops

Relationships between UKZN and recent alumni (many of whom graduated in April 2018) were strengthened through the attendance of these graduates at the Job Search Skills Workshop co-ordinated by the Alumni Relations office in June 2018. A follow-up Workshop on Leadership Skills will take place in early October.

The day-long Job Search Skills Workshop – facilitated by Dr Sheri Seetal - attracted graduates from all four Colleges and a number had travelled from various distant parts of KwaZulu-Natal. Feedback received on the Workshop included “extremely interesting”, “packed with essential information” and “a real learning curve.”

The Job Search Skills Workshop covered such issues as: the job search process; job adverts and cover letters, CV writing; interview skills as well as workplace related issues such as work ethics, customer care and office skills.

Similar workshops are set to become an annual feature on the programme of activities of the Alumni Relations office. Alumni Relations welcomes feedback from graduates regarding the type of other workshops they would also like to attend.

You can send your suggestions to:

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