The Alumni Relations Office is delighted to provide a career 'Super-Highway' for our alumni, between yourselves and the top companies in South Africa - including consulting and auditing firms, through to the banks, and the blue chip corporations. This portal will provide current high profile jobs and career opportunities for you to consider, and apply directly to. 


The aim of this alumni career portal is to:

  • Give you visibility of all the different job opportunities in the market in one place so that you don't need to consult many different websites, newspapers and agencies;
  • Name the different companies that are employing so that you know exactly who you are applying to;
  • Allow you to apply directly to the employer by linking you directly into their career site

NOTE: Some companies will want you to register on their career site before you can apply for jobs. In this case, during the registration process, write down and keep your login and password so that it is very quick to apply to the same company for another job later. Other companies will simply ask you to attach your word document CV and the system will email it to them.

Click Here To Browse Jobs And Apply

To advertise jobs on the alumni portal, please click here and follow the instructions. This alumni careers website is viewed by alumni from across the country, ranging in experience and industry, so is a great place to find talent for your business.

All the best,
Alumni Relations Team

It is important to note that this Career Portal is the result of an agreement between the Alumni Relations Office and Origen Outsourcing - the company responsible for all the positions advertised and recruitment procedures adopted via this portal. The Alumni Relations Office of the University of KwaZulu-Natal is in no way, shape or form responsible for any job content, selection/recruitment procedures or for any issue pertaining to the positions available via this portal. This is purely a service offered by the Alumni Relations Office to alumni. All submissions are at your own risk.


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