Fee Remission for Masters and Doctoral Students

1) From the beginning of 2009, all new full-time doctoral and research masters students will qualify for full fee remission for the minimum duration of the degree, subject to satisfactory progress requirements being met.


2) This applies to all students, ie local, SADC and international who are full-time students (not studying on a part-time basis), who register for the first time in 2009 for a doctoral degree or a full research masters degree by dissertation, (ie not by coursework and dissertation)


3) The fee remission covers tuition fees, of which the initial registration fee is part, but does not cover the application fee which must still be paid.


4) Minimum duration means 1 year/2 semesters in the case of masters students, and 3 years/6 semesters in the case of doctoral students.


5) Satisfactory progress will be determined by the higher degrees committee of each Faculty


6) Should the qualification not be completed in minimum time, or should satisfactory progress not be made, continuation fees of an amount still to be determined will be levied for any subsequent semesters of registration.


7) For existing masters and doctoral students the status quo will remain. They will complete their qualifications with the same fee requirements as at present and will be liable for the payment of continuation fees. UKZN graduate awards will continue to be made to these students who qualify for such awards.


Prof Jane Meyerowitz



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