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Dear Alumnus,

The Alumni Relations Team had an exciting and busy 2017 – having interacted with thousands of graduates via events, personal visits, emails, written and telephonic communication as well as through the various social media sites. The Durban Alumni Association AGM held on the Howard College campus, the Cape Town Alumnus Dinner at the Tablebay Hotel, the Convocation AGM, the April Graduation ceremonies in both Durban and Pietermaritzburg as well as the Spring Graduation Ceremonies in September, the Pietermaritzburg/Hilton Alumnus Lunch in Hilton, the Lesotho Alumnus Lunch in Maseru, the Film Screening/Movie Evening at Musgrave Centre in Durban, the South Coast (KwaZulu-Natal) Alumnus Lunch and the Sneddon Theatre show all successfully took place. In addition, the Durban Alumni Association was very active with many interesting talks and tours arranged.

We are particularly happy about the successful launch of  the Lesotho Alumnus Facebook page – which adds to the already existing Facebook pages for alumni based in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  There is also a main Facebook page for all alumni.

Communication via the website, Facebook, TwitterLinkedin and SMS has increased and is an effective way of informing graduates of UKZN events and issues. In order to invite alumni to the planned events and to keep everyone updated on University events – we are eager to secure the current contact details of alumni – especially email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Also, please encourage any friends or relatives who are graduates and have not received any correspondence from the University in recent months to provide us with their updated contact details. This can be done via a quick email to or the website.

Another exciting line-up of events has been planned for 2018 and includes events in London: UK, Harare: Zimbabwe as well as in various parts of South Africa and in other neighbouring countries. We look forward to seeing you at some of these events!

With our very best wishes, 
The Alumni Relations Team.  


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Update on UKZN London Alumnus Event
The UKZN Alumni Relations Office wishes to inform all UK-based UKZN graduates that the next University reception will take place in London in September 2018. We hope to see everyone next year - after an absence in 2017.

Saturday, 17 March 2018
Cape Town Alumnus Dinner - Saturday, 17 March 2018

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