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B.Sc M.B.Ch.B (Natal)DHSM(Natal) FCFP (S.A.)M.P.H(UKZN)


Dear Colleagues,

Hello and how are you? Sawubona? Somewhat cold these days.Well, the reunion cruise went off very well indeed. Those who attended were unanimous in their opinion that this was an awesome get-together; an extremely memorable happening.

The photographs and videos are being organized presently by Bilal into 1 master copy. This will then be developed into a DVD and we will then burn several DVDs (about 400) to distribute to colleagues. I am presently speaking to Aspen Pharmacare and Mylan to sponsor the DVD development. This ought to be ready in 3 weeks time, if all goes according to plan.

While we were on the cruise, it was unanimously decided that we have a similar reunion of all graduates of the UNB-UKZN-ATR, including our ex-teachers then, family and friends every 2 years. The next reunion is scheduled to happen in 2015. We need to plan for this once again viz.dates, venue; format of the get-together; events to do during the reunions; a special tribute re:history of Medical School (UNB-UKZN-ATR) something we had started but did not pursue to it’s completion; etc. Let us share ideas once again. Those who did not attend the reunion cruise can start preparing for the next one in 2015. You need to be part of this happening to really appreciate the feeling; absolutely wonderful!!!
New committee formed


Dr M F Mahomed(Faruk) - cell: 0832311137,

Dr Gitesh Rampersadh -

Dr Ismail Dada -

Prof Lucas Mohlala-


Dr Monwabisi Gantsho -

Dr (Blinds) Devanand Nana -

Dr Cecil Manitshana -


Prof Thanyani Mariba -


Prof Eric (Vusani) Neluheni -

E.Cape :

Dr Xhanti Mantshiyo -

Need volunteers for other provinces, N.Cape, W.Cape, E.Cape (2 more at least) Free State, Mpumalanga.

Have established contacts in Swaziland, Namibia, Switzerland, U.S.A, New Zealand and Australia. Need volunteers from rest of Africa, UK, Europe and Far East.

There is a lot of work to do once again. Let’s get on with it and work harder towards another bigger and better reunion for 2015.



Dr M F Mahomed (Faruk)

Minutes for Meeting held 10 July 2013

UKZN Reunion: MBChB Class of ‘76

Dear Colleague

It will be 40 years next year, 2016, since we graduated.

I wish to enquire if a get together is something colleagues would consider.

Please let me know how you feel about this. Also indicate your preferences for dates and venues. It would be great if you are able to assist in organizing the event, even with ideas of how this event should be celebrated.

We shall work together with the UKZN alumni office and College of Health Sciences PR Offices.

Please contact Dr Sidhambaram Nadesan, E-mail: or MaryAnn Francis (College Public Relations Manager, College of Health Sciences), E-mail:

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